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Frequently Asked Questions

​What is a "child" under the NH Protocols?

Under the NH Pediatric EMS Protocols, a child is someone who fits on a standard length-based resuscitation tape (e.g. the Broselow Tape) up to 36kg (79lbs) or 145cm (57in).

See NH EMS Protocol Routine Patient Care 1.0.

What is a "child" for purposes of consent?

For purposes of obtaining consent or refusal, a parent's permission is required for children under 18. Note that in exigent circumstances, you can provide care regardless of whether you can reach a parent to obtain consent. See NH EMS Protocol Consent for Treatment of a Minor 8.5.



Family Time

​You Can Make a Difference in Your Community

Experts tell us that the best way to treat pediatric trauma is to prevent it. Your EMS agency can play a critical role in promoting pediatric safety measures, including car seats, bicycle helmets, etc. Click here for Pediatric Safety Resources.

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