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NH Hospital Pediatric Trauma Designations

The NH Pediatric Trauma Designations indicate the level of resources that the hospital has available to treat pediatric trauma emergencies. The designations are established by the NH Trauma Medical Review Committee.


There are four levels:

  • Level I: provides the most comprehensive level of care and has a pediatric intensive care unit.

  • Level II: capable of identifying critically ill or injured pediatric patients, stabilizing pediatric patients and  provide ongoing inpatient care or appropriate transfer to a Level I facility.

  • Level III: capable of identifying critically ill or injured pediatric patients, stabilization, and will have clearly defined capabilities for the management of minor to moderate problems.

  • Level IV: limited capabilities and care of moderately and severely injured patients consists of stabilization and rapid transfer to a hospital with a higher capability.


There are separate standards addressing hospital capability to treat an injured adult versus an injured children.  Because the adult and pediatric standards differ, a hospital may have different designation levels for adult and pediatric capability. For example, a hospital with a level II adult designation may have a level III pediatric designation.


For more information regarding the NH Trauma System, access the NH Trauma System Plan or contact the NH Division of Fire Standards and Training & EMS.

For more information regarding pediatric trauma guidelines, check out the Pediatric Trauma Society.

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