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  Per the 2006 Institute of Medicine “Emergency Care for Children: Growing Pains” report, different geographic regions show varying levels of pediatric emergency care. Data collected by the National Pediatric Readiness Project showed that hospitals recognized by a state or region-wide program scored higher on the National Pediatric Readiness Assessment (NPRA) (Remick et al, 2016), and the establishment of such recognition programs demonstrated a decrease in pediatric mortality rates (Rice et al, 2017).

  The Always Ready for Children (ARC) program was created by the Northeast's EMS for Children programs to improve care across our states, which vary greatly in demographics and access to high-quality pediatric emergency care. The variance in availability and access to care often leads pediatric patients to cross state borders for continued, higher level or specialized care. This regional structure provides a more unified approach to pediatric preparedness to ensure standards for pediatric care are met.

  The ARC program recognizes facilities under three categories with focus on the assignment of a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) and participation in the NPRA as follows:

  • Engaged

    • assigned PECC

    • NPRA participation with any score

  • Ready

    • assigned PECC

    • NPRA participation with a score >70

  • Innovator

    • assigned PECC

    • NPRA participation with a score >80

    • willingness to share pediatric policies


 Ready to have your emergency department recognized for its commitment to improving pediatric care?
  Nearly 90% of NH EDs already have a PECC assigned and also participated in the 2021 NPRA. These facilities will just need to complete the commitment letter and send to NH EMSC Program Manager at 
If you are uncertain if your facility qualifies or you need to tend to a PECC assignment and/or the NPRA, reach out to NH EMSC Program Manager at

             For more information:     
                  PECC site   
                  NPRA site

We look forward to recognizing and celebrating your site's pediatric emergency care efforts! 


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