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CPS for EMS (Child Passenger Safety for EMS)

From both a provider and administrative perspective we recognize how complicated this topic is. Please always use the safest practices during all patient transports. Because there are no federal or industry consensus standards in the United States for devices used to secure children in ambulances yet, this will continue to be a moving target for the foreseeable future. NH EMSC is working with many different organizations within and across the states including the NH State Bureau of EMS and NASEMSO to have the most concise information available for providers while also working towards federal regulations and more concrete standards for CPS devices.

National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration     
     Best Practice Recommendations
     Ambulance Crash Data

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National Association of State EMS Officials    
     Safe Transport of Children Committee
     Pediatric Transport Products for Ground Ambulances

Version 8.2 Active until May 31, 2024



Version 9.0 - Active June 1, 2024


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  • Search "Pediatric Ambulance Safety Restraints" 

  • Open access via YouTube 

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National Association of State EMS Officials    
     Creating Standards for Ground Ambulance Devices


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