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Children have unique physiological, emotional, and developmental characteristics that require specialized emergency care. Pediatric Readiness is ensuring that every EMS/fire-rescue agency and emergency department has the pediatric champions, competencies, policies, equipment, and other resources needed to provide high-quality emergency care for children.

The Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Project
    For EMS and fire-rescue agencies
The National Pediatric Readiness Project
    For Emergency Departments

New Hampshire Assessment Results

2025 NPRP

See you in 2025!

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2024 PPRP Results

Results of our 1st PPRP assessment, scheduled for May-July of 2024, will be posted here.

Current national response by state

2017-2021 EMS Assessment Results

PM 2: Designation of a PECC       

 (Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator)

2017-18                    2020                    2021


PM 3: Pediatric Equipment Training

full results

2017-18                               2020


2013-2019 NPRP Results*

  National Results

  New Hampshire Results

*The NPRP assessment scores are not directly comparable to measure progress (such as a baseline). Assessments are based on joint policy statements, which evolve as evidence and the health care landscape evolves. The 2013 assessment was based on the 2009 joint policy statement, “Guidelines for Care of Children in the ED.” The 2021 assessment was based on the 2018 joint policy statement, “Pediatric Readiness in the Emergency Department.”

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