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Online Pediatric EM Education

Some of the open source pediatric emergency medical education available online. (Some may require free account to provide CEs)

By organization

EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center (EIIC)

ED Provider Content

EMS Provider Content

PEAKs (Pediatric Education and Advocacy Kits)






Regional Disaster Health Response System (RDHRS)

Blogs, journals and more:

Pediatric EM Morsels

Encouraging us all to enhance and refine our understanding of pediatric emergency medicine and to augment the care of pediatric patients, one tasty morsel at a time.


Blog, videos and podcasts hosted by PEM Doc Brad Sobolewski of Cincinati Children's. 

Pediatric Journal Feed

Spoon fed (1-2 sentences) summaries of recently published pediatric emergency medicine articles.

Don't Forget the Bubbles

Sharing little bubbles of knowledge to make you a little bit more awesome on your road to mastery. 

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