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  • August 3    North Country Health Fair

  • June 5     SafeKids301 at the NH Motor Speedway

  • May 22      EMS for Children Day Manchester, NH




  • June 6           SafeKids301 at the NH Motor Speedway


Survey Results

Pre-hospital EMS agencies 2017-18

 201/245 systems responded

 192/201 answered these questions

          Published: nationwide results

PM 2: Designation of a PECC       

 (Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator)

    full results

Hospital Facilities 2018

 22/26 facilities responded

PM 6,7: Presence of Interfacility Transfer Guidelines and Agreements

  • Guidelines contain the steps and procedures necessary to ensure that children are rapidly and properly transferred.

  • Agreements ensure the transfer between facilities is established in writing

PM 3: Pediatric Equipment Training

full results

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