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60 Seconds to Survival: Disaster Triage Game | Collaboration Opportunity

You are a paramedic responding to a series of MCIs that have occurred in your city. Fire personnel are on scene, and you are the first paramedic there. What happens next is up to you...

INSPIRE: Collaboration Opportunity

We have an exciting Collaboration Opportunity. A Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Mark Cicero (, in Connecticut has developed a disaster triage video game. He's studying it and would like EMTs and paramedics to participate in the study. Potential collaborators: Sim educators, sim centers, researchers, EMS leaders, ED leaders, others - Role will include recruitment of players/subjects, monthly project calls, potential for co-authorship Population of learners: Paramedics, EMTs, and EMS students TO DISCUSS COLLABORATION Contact: Mark X. Cicero, MD by February 15


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