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New Pediatric Respiratory Protocol 2.4 Takes a Different Approach

The new pediatric respiratory protocol (2.4 P Asthma, Bronchiolitis, Croup) takes a different approach than older protocols. When faced with a three year old with difficulty breathing, quiet lung sounds and a seal like cough, the new protocol offers a simple algorithm to help you decide the cause for your young patient’s respiratory issue. Under the new protocol, if child is: • wheezing and over two years old or has a history of asthma, assume he is suffering an asthma exacerbation. • wheezing and is under two, assume he has bronchiolitis • not wheezing and has stridor or a barky cough, think croup!

The algorithm is not intended to supplant professional judgment supported by a thorough history and careful assessment, but it does offer providers guidance when faced with a critical pediatric patient. You can access all of the NH Pediatric Protocols here.


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